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The rating system uses your standard five star approach with one being the lowest and five the highest. This method will be used to rank products, services and web sites. The reviews are highly subjective, as we are yet to master our cognitive biases an are not afraid to admit it. So without further a do


5 Stars


This product or service is cream of the crop you will not find a product or service in the same class better. Run out and buy this product visit the web site you won't be disappointed.

4 Stars


This product or service stands out from the crowd it is unique and innovative yet still gets the job done. Put this product on your shopping list.

3 Stars


This product or service is solid and dependable, like a Volvo. It gets the job done but is lacking polish. Do a little more research on this product before buying it.

2 Stars


This product or service had the potential to be a strong buy, however it has serious flaws which reduce usability. I would borrow this product if possible before deciding to buy it or not.

1 Star


This is bottom of the rung useless garbage. This product or service had serious flaws that made it unusable.