What's Under the hood

Here at Wall Street Wit we make use of some great technology. This page you are reading right now would not exist without this great software and web based services. Here they are in no specific order:

Tools Of The Trade


  1. Adobe Flash (Commercial). Used for creating interactive web content.
  2. Adobe Photoshop(Commercial) . Used for editing retouching and bringing images to life.
  3. Adobe Illustrator (Commercial). Used for drawing.
  4. NotePad++ (Free as in Freedom Baby!). Used for html, JavaScript and general programming tasks.
  5. FireFox (Free as in Freedom Baby!). Used for Web Browsing.

Web Services

  1. Gmail by Google (Free). Nearly unlimited Email storage.
  2. Blogger + FeedBurner (Free). Blog hosting and feed delivery.
  3. Flickr (Free). An excellent source of CC images and storage of photos.