Mini Review Timothy Sykes

Mob Rule

Tim is a colourful figure in the finance blogging world. He has been trader, hedge fund manager, reality TV star, publisher, author and now an educator. Tim's most notable achievement was his trading gains made from 1999-2002, where he turned $12,415 to $1.65 million trading Penny Stocks. He is serial self promoter and has a band of haters that follow him around the web.

So is Tim a self promoting tool bag?

The short answer is NO. Tim does things his way and that is uniquely refreshing. He is not afraid to unleash his thoughts and emotions and doesn't hide behind a public relations company that carefully manages his image. He is accessible and responds to his emails promptly. Really there is not a lot of information around about trading Penny Stocks and Tim's site fills the gap. Go read his blog you will probably learn a thing or two, at the very least you will be entertained. Timothy Sykes website gets a solid fours stars the new layout and features provide a refreshing format to the usual boring finance websites.

Four Star Rated